Computer-Aided Graphic Design II

A more advanced course in computer-based graphic design.

A Custom Font Quest

Learn more about typography by creating your own custom font. We will go through the entire process from creating a font brief to sketching potential fonts, and finally creating the font utilizing the free program FontForge.

Font 2.0 Quest - Your Font in Action

Use your newly created, custom font in the printed graphic of your choice. More information coming soon...

Sign Quest

Utilizing only your own, original vector based graphics, we will create signs that clearly communicate a message to the viewer.

His and Hers Quest

In this quest you will create packaging for a related set of products. One of the products should target men while the other should be aimed towards women. Both designs should be unique yet still fit together to create a cohesive set.

Learn the Basics in FontForge

FontForge Workspace