Animation II

A more advanced course in the animation process using Adobe Flash and other traditional animation techniques.

Quest 1: Story Development

To create an animation, you must begin with developing a story. This story must be original and could be true to life or from your imagination. There are 3 parts to this quest:
  • The Story Treatment
  • The Story Board
  • The Story Structure Worksheet
We will spend more time focusing on character developement when this quest is complete.

Quest 2: Character Development

Understanding your character - both visually and in terms of backstory, motivations and etc. is extremely important in Animation.

For this quest, we will create a variety of character sketches so that you will have a deeper visual understanding of your character.

Quest 3: the Script & Audio

Before we can animate, we need to have a script to plan out any audio, music, and sound effects. As we've seen when there have been some technical difficulties, an animation without sound is boring - we don't want boring animations! After creating the script we will record our audio.

Script Quest Handout

Audio Recording Directions for Audacity

Quest 4

Coming Soon

Quest 5

More details coming soon