Animation I

A course in the animation process using Adobe Flash

Drawing Basics

To prepare for animating, let's make sure that everyone has a base level of knowledge when it comes to basic drawing skills. If you feel you already have a sttrong foundation you can complete the drawing worksheet and move on to the next step.

The Planning Process

To create an animation, you must begin with developing a story. This story must be original and could be true to life or from your imagination.

There are several parts to this quest:

Traditional Animation Techniques

In this quest, you will create a series of 4 brief animation clips using your choice of the following techniques:
  • Hand drawn
  • Charcoal/pastel
  • Cut paper
  • Sand
  • Paint on glass
  • Stop motion
Each clip must utilize a different techniques out of the 6 options.

Digital Animation Quest

The largest quest of the semester is to pull the different elements we have created during the planning process into a completed digital animation animation. Tell your story and animate your characters using the OpenToonz techniques you have learned. Add the audio from Audacity to created a more polished film.

Final Animation Rubric

To help keep your progression on track during this long term quest, there will be a series of check-ins and critiques to give you helpful feedback.


Check-in 1 Rubric

Check-in 2 Rubric