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Welcome to the new Animation sub-section of Ms. Uptegrove's Digital Arts Website. Here you can learn the basics of animating and sound editing.

This site is in progress - keep an eye out for more updates. While you are waiting, the original Google Documents are still available:

Tools in OpenToonz ~ includes brush properties, color, onionskin & more

Setting up for Traditional Animation ~ Getting the camera, animation stand, and lamps ready

Adding Images/Photos outside of OpenToonz ~ Naming and adding existing images into an OpenToonz animation

Image Cleanup ~ Converting outside images to vector images in OpenToonz (optional)

Rigging and the Skeleton Tool ~ Creating armatures to use in a walk cycle

Working with FX ~ Adding special effects through compositing/post-processing

Working with Cameras ~ Adding interest through camera movement

Using Photoshop ~ To optomize tablet performance

Changing Level Types ~ Switching between Vector, Toonz Raster and Raster levels

Olympus LS-100 Manual ~ For recording audio without a computer

Audacity's Tools

Recording Audio in Audacity

Editing Audio in Audacity

Sound in OpenToonz ~ Importing audio, recording directly in OpenToonz, and lip syncing

Rendering with Multiple Scenes or Cameras ~ Also includes some iMovie basics